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Every speaking opportunity is a chance to influence some people or even thousands of people. Unfortunately, you are likely to lose the chance with a mediocre presentation. You can get your audience to sit up and take notice, and eventually go home with your message only with a memorable presentation.

Be you a teacher, lecturer, manager, or businessman/businesswoman, or even student, you have messages, thoughts, and visions. You want to get those messages, thoughts, and visions across so people get infromed, get inspired and finally act upon them.

I am opening a course on how to deliver a memorable presentation in May, 2018. If you are serious about making yourself as an influencial and memorable speaker, you simply can’t miss this opportunity.

In the training, which is available in English or Bahasa Indonesia, you’ll learn three key areas:

1. Organizing the presentation

2. Matering storytelling

3. Designing PowerPoint slides

1. ORGANIZING THE PRESENTATION covers how to structure your presentation in a way that is easy and interesting to follow. This will show you how to make your presentation attention grabbing at the beginning, engaging in the middle, and memorable at the end.

2. A story is by far the most powerful tool to make your presentation memorable, yet it is often overlooked. In MASTERING STORYTELLING you will learn three major components in a story, how to tell a great story, and how to incorporate it in your presentation.

3. DESIGNING POWERPOINT SLIDES covers how to create PowerPoint slides that are eye catching as well as entertaining so as to make your audience engaged during the entire presentation.

The training is available in English or Bahasa Indonesia.

I know you are serious about making yourself as an influencial and memorable speaker, so please do not miss this opportunity.

Take action now, and surprise yourself with your significant improvement in delivering a memorable presentation!

Request a proposal now at: 0812 3355 2228

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